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5 things digital marketers can be thankful for this Thanksgiving

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1. Pajama meetings: Thanks to gems like Skype, GoToMeeting and, important business deals can be conducted while wearing our sleep gear and holding onto our security blankets.


2. Marketing swag: Thanks to our amazing clients,  we get free pens (you know, those things that people used in prehistoric days to apply ink to a surface?) and t-shirts that can be worn to our living room business meetings. Yay for swag!


3. Twitter character limits: Curtailing digital verbosity since 2006


4.  The English language: The fact that it is such a fruitful, robust, rich language: without all of its wonderful synonyms, SEO would be pretty darn hard, difficult, challenging, tough, strenuous, wearisome…


5. The abundance of cringe-worthy puns to keep us going: They’re so bad. Like really, really bad. Please don’t use them over the holiday period among friends and family (a sure way to lose friends and alienate people). Keep them jokes for us, your safe community of tech nerds.


Now go kick some SaaS!




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How to Not Waste a Ton of Traffic Over the Holidays

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The next two months are (usually) either the most lucrative or most brutal time of your fiscal year. With millions of dollars being spent online during the holiday season, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that your visitors are taking action on your site.

That means conversion optimization needs to play a pivotal role in your marketing tactics this season. 

Using screen overlays on your site (we call them Nuggets) to offer seasonal promotions or subscriber benefits is an easy way to make all your traffic count. Smart, well-timed pop-ups will get more of your visitors to take important actions and turn into leads. We’ve compiled some sure-fire tips for engagement during the Holidays, without overdoing it. 

Tip #1: Curb shopping cart abandonment with exit intent timing

Recent metrics studies cite the average rate of shopping cart abandonment at *gulp* 68.5%. That’s harsh. But don’t lose hope – 40Nuggets makes curbing shopping cart abandonment really easy. Set up a Nugget to appear when a visitor is about to leave your site, offering them a last-minute discount if they complete their purchase right then.

Include an email field, and set up the Nugget to send lead data straight to Mailchimp. Then, you can create an Automation Workflow in Mailchimp that is triggered when a visitor abandons their cart. Reminder emails are highly effective – if you can reach customers within 12 hours of cart abandonment, you could get as many as 65% of them to go through with the purchase.

Tip #2: Go for the gold – redirect

Your visitors are likely in shopping mode already, so get straight to the point. When you offer a holiday discount, set the call-to-action to redirect to your purchase page. This will help visitors cut through the clutter and get down to business fast, shaving precious seconds off their decision time. 

Tip #3: Go easy on the holiday schmaltz

Your visitors expect the halls of the Internet to be decked with holiday themes, but we advise moderation. Holiday puns sometimes evoke more eye rolls than smiles. If you’re not sure how much is too much, A/B test two different versions of your Holiday Nugget. a-b test holiday nuggets

Tip #4: show visitors what they want to see

This one is pretty self explanatory: sell people the stuff they want to buy. Relevance of the offer is a critical element of your pop-up’s conversion success, so use  behavioral targeting to get the right message across to the right visitors.

Tip #5: schedule your holiday campaigns

Don’t be that guy with his holiday decorations still lighting up the block in March. Schedule your pop-up campaign to launch on your site in time for the holidays and end when your promotion is over. This saves you having to remember to go back and deactivate it later. Automate it, baby!

What’s your favorite holiday marketing pun? Tweet it at us @40nuggets


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Loveable pop-ups for the pop-up skeptic

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Don’t tell my boss, but I am a pop-up naysayer (Yes, I work in CRO). Spammy pop-ups can elicit web rage in the best of us. There is nothing worse then being accosted by one that refuses to go away like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. 



 In case you have tuned out of pop-up discourse of late, huge advancements have been made in technology that can enhance the user experience and boost those conversion rates. As a business owner or marketer, this form of on-site engagement can help you capture valuable contact information and the details you need to engage potential customers, even for us “pop-up haters.”

During our pop-up temper tantrum, here are some advanced features that we may have missed:

1) Timing that is sensitive to the user: No-one really likes encountering a pop-up when they first enter a website and yet, so many websites place pop-ups on their homepage. Sophisticated technology can enable you to analyze your visitors’ behavior and time the pop-up to appear at the optimal time and place on your website for users to convert. Cool, hey? You can give visitors to your site a bit of breathing space before making them that offer.

2) Better design for your visitors to enjoy: There are heaps of nice templates and designs out there that can integrate nicely with your website and can be created in all shapes and sizes (You can A/B test to see what your visitors prefer). You should choose a conversion optimization tool that provides pretty templates or enables you to create an in-house design if you have the resources, so the pop-up fits the brand feel of your site.  A good design will also enable your visitors to “x” out easily. Imprisonment is not a great way to start a harmonious relationship with a potential client.

3) No unnecessary offers, just helpful ones: So your site visitor is already angry about your pop-up and then is shown your arm flailing man again, just a couple of minutes later. The information on the offer wasn’t even relevant in the first place. She lives in Idaho, and the monthly newsletter featuring used cars in California is not something she would sign up for anyway. With the right tool, you can target your pop-up to the right audience and also create a multi-step journey for each unique visitor – from newsletter to coupon to consultation.

So, you or your company’s digital marketer may suffer from anti pop-up prejudice, and that’s ok. I did too. But is it possible that you haven’t encountered the right fit? Numerous case studies have shown that sophisticated pop-ups work in enhancing conversion rates and that many visitors view them as helpful in navigating websites and getting the information they need. If we listen to the stats out there, and really get to know our site visitors, we may be surprised by what we learn.

For any pop-up inquiries, tweet at us @40nuggets, and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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Digital Marketing Agency Partnerships: It’s Crunch Time!

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The year-end crunch is underway for digital agencies.  In addition to tying up loose ends for your clients in the 2015 year, you are most likely budgeting and planning for 2016 so that it can be a year of unprecedented growth for you, your clients and your company. 

While the pressure is on, now is the time to consider which technologies and services to partner with in the new year. It’s not too late. Exploring opportunities this month means that clients can benefit over the holiday period and start off the new year with a bang.

Here are some things you can be doing:

Evaluate the current technologies you are using: Write a list of some of the technologies and SaaS services you are currently using for your clients and do a SWOT analysis. Are they bringing you the results you desire? Are they easy to use? Are they guiding you in the process or do you feel like you are doing all of the hard work on your own?

Make time to examine new technologies and partnerships: Perhaps you aren’t getting the best ROI from some of your current partners, or perhaps your clients are looking for ways to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. Try setting aside an hour each week to look at some alternative or newer tools in the market, even if that means responding to that pesky sales person who keeps on insisting on a demo (I can tell you from personal experience, some of those sales people are actually trying to help your company succeed). Consider partnering with a company that can give you the tools and support you need to propel your clients to the next level (we are happy for you to check out the partnerships we offer with agencies for our conversion optimization tool, in case that wasn’t obvious).

Ensure that your clients are set up for the holidays: For some of your clients, the holiday period presents a unique opportunity for increased sales. Do you have a good SEO platform to drive visitors to their websites? Have you invested in a sophisticated conversion optimization tool to convert that hard-won traffic to leads?

View the busy season as an opportunity to boost Q4 revenue and strategize for 2016.

It’s going to be an exciting year, folks.

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Conversion optimization: 10 must-have ingredients

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Does your website make your site visitors salivate like that leftover piece of chocolate cake? Consider this delectable on-site engagement recipe to boost those on-site conversions. With the right conversion appliances, this pop-up is easy-to-make, requires minimum cooking time and will leave your website visitors feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Here is one we made earlier. 


Eye-catching design
Timing control
Device targeting
A/B Testing
Multi-step campaign
CRM Integration
Demographic targeting
Source targeting
Advanced control


1) Eye-catching design: Whip up a beautiful looking pop-up or screen overlay (what we call a Nugget) to serve as the base of your recipe. You can use it to capture emails from your leads, while offering them a discount on your services or perhaps a newsletter. Either use a template made earlier or make your own custom one from scratch.

2) Timing control: Mix in some manual controls to determine when your on-site engagement appears – at a time when your visitor is most likely to convert.

3) Device targeting:  With just a dash of this feature, call-to-actions can be targeted according to the device your site visitors are using, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.

4) A/B Testing: Create a second design so that you can A/B test which one is more appetizing. A good conversion optimization platform should be able to automatically promote the more successful dish.

 5) Multi-step campaign: Offer your visitors different types of pop-ups, depending on whether they are a first-time visitor or have been on your site previously. On their first visit you may want to offer them an appetizer such as a newsletter, whereas at a later point you might consider closing with a feel-good dessert, such as a discount on your services. Consider a conversion tool that enables you to take visitors on a multi-step journey, so that you can ultimately make that sale.

6) Integration: Whatever system you are using,  it should suit the other dishes on your marketing plate. Consider ones that enables you to push the data you collect, such as emails, to the CRM you are using, including MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and others.

7) Sophisticated targeting: A good conversion platform will enable you to optimize the flavor of your screen overlays for different audiences, depending on the language they speak, their geographic location and other features. Want to engage a Spanish-speaking site visitor from Wales? Why not? With sophisticated targeting, this is super easy. 

8) Intelligence:  A tool with sophisticated algorithms will have you begging for another piece. Smart conversion systems learn from your website traffic, get to know your site visitors and  automatically determine when your pop-ups should appear. This may be upon exit, or after the visitor has been on your website for a few seconds.  This ingredient is a delicacy in the CRO world, and is not widely available. An inbuilt conversion reporting system will provide you with insight into your audiences so that you can be right on target to increase your conversion rates significantly.

9) Source targeting:  You may want to target inbound visitors to your site with different Nuggets depending on how they got there, whether from Twitter, Facebook, Paid Search campaigns or email marketing campaign. A sophisticated tool will enable your pop-up to show up only on pages that include a customer URL parameter, like a UTM medium, for example.

10) Advanced Control over CSS/HTML/JS: This intricate feature is for the more seasoned chefs out there. A  system with an advanced editor will able you to manage HTML, CSS, and JS, but still take advantage and save time on timing and targeting features offered by a sophisticated platform.


If you want to test this recipe on your site guests, it is available from 40Nuggets. Try it today!


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Targeting and CRO: How Do Your Visitors Take Their Coffee?

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Be Your Own Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

The Internet is a cold, anonymous place. You want to make your small corner of it feel like home to your visitors. Using custom Segments of your traffic to target visitors can help you relate to people in a way that makes them feel welcome and unique.

I’m BR0OWP61UNwriting this post from a coffee shop in the mall next door to my office. It’s one of four other chain cafes in the mall. It’s not the cheapest, or the most directly on my route. But I come here every day for my morning coffee. Why?

Because the baristas here know my order, and they make me feel at home. They serve hundreds of customers a day, so it makes me feel special that they know who I am. And because they see me often, they also know certain things about me, like the time I usually come in the morning, and the pastries I like.

When I come in a rush and order quickly, they can infer I’m running late – they get my coffee out fast and get me on my way. But if they see me dawdling by the pastry display, they’ll suggest I try one that just came out of the oven. They make observations about my characteristics and behavior, and use them to offer relevant deals that I might find enticing. This is great for their business, and less fortunate for my diet.

How to Make Starbucks Feel Like A Neighborhood Cafe

Targeting based on custom Segments of your traffic sounds super technical, but really it’s just applying the coffee shop principle to your site.  When you get to know your visitors and observe how they behave, you can more easily engage them with relevant offers. Here are three strategies for adding Segments that will get visitors to engage more, stay longer, and keep coming back to your site.

  1. Visitor Type: First-time visitors may need some guidance – show them a call-to-action that redirects them straight to your purchase page. Returning visitors probably already know their way around. Make sure they follow through by offering them a discount just before they leave.
  2. Location (Geo-targeting): Offer visitors from inside of your State an in-store only coupon with a larger discount than what’s available online. All other visitors will see an online-only coupon. That will keep your foot traffic up inside your store, and your digital storefront sales in good shape.
  3. Language: Speak to your visitors in their native language to make them feel welcome. It’s much easier than translating your site, and it’s likely to catch their attention.

What’s your targeting strategy? Tweet at us @40Nuggets and share your CRO secrets!

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3 musts for your real estate website in 2016

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Is your website enhancing your real estate sales? As the first point of interaction with prospective customers, your website is  key. Engage sellers, buyers, renters and investors with offers that will knock their socks off. Done the right way, conversion optimization tools such as pop-ups can drive your sales forward in 2016 and convert your online window shoppers into interested and engaged clients.

1) Unique messaging for sellers, buyers, investors: Perhaps you want to attract renters and buyers, while also providing services for sellers? Optimize your engagement for these diverse audiences by using your landing pages to understand and target specific visitors. Someone who is spending time looking at your rental properties is less likely to engage with a discount on property management services. Sophisticated pop-ups  always know who they are dealing with and what to offer them. You can expect your conversion rates to climb if the ad is relevant to the user.

2) Real estate geo-targeting:  Is your site visitor a local?  Or does this out of towner need you to provide a little background about what the area has to offer ? Are you selling properties in five different cities? Real estate geo-targeting enables you to make offers to  your visitors, based on where they are accessing your site from. Agents in different cities can also receive leads that are relevant to their region automatically directed to them.

3) Nurture that lead:  Your probably already investing in SEO for your real estate site but on-site conversion is critical as well. Your dream scenario may be to lead guests to your site and get them to purchase a property by the end of the week. Unfortunately, as you know, it can take heaps of work before that happens. The first time they visit your site you may consider offering them to sign up for a newsletter or letting them know about an upcoming open house. And for a return visitor, ask them to sign up for a discounted consultation with one of your agents.  Check out Waddell Realty which does this really well, offering first-time visitors home inspection tips and positioning themselves as experts in the field (see below).

real estate

With the right messaging you can boost those leads and get valuable information about potential clients. Try out our fun, easy-to-use pop-ups on 40Nuggets and go for gold!


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5 ways your website pop-up is like a date from hell

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Most websites  have pop-ups in one form or another as a means to capture potential leads and enhance conversation rate optimization. Just picture, if you can, that your website pop-up is your date for the evenin7742AABEE9 (1)g. Poppy wasn’t graced with the best interpersonal skills and the date is somewhat of a disaster. What if you had the option to program her to be a little more courteous and intelligent? Maybe your night could have looked a bit different…

1.Overbearing: You enter the restaurant, and before you have had a chance to close the door, Poppy hovers over you, nearly bowling you over. “Hi there good looking,” she says. Her presence is overbearing, making you wonder if you should bounce the heck out of there. If only she were capable of approaching you at a more suitable time.

2.Disruptive & Forgetful: While you are making your food order, Poppy blurts out, “would you like to see a photo of my new boat?” She constantly interrupts you with irrelevant information. Every few minutes she insists that you try her peanut curry, even though you have told her repeatedly that you are allergic to nuts.  Wouldn’t it have been great if Poppy had been programmed with a little more tact and a better memory?

3.Underdressed: Poppy shows up to the Michelin starred restaurant wearing a raggy-looking dress she picked up at a thrift shop.  What if you could customize her style to suit the occasion?

4.Antisocial: After the meal, you take her to a bar, where you meet some of your friends. She makes some off-color jokes, which makes everyone at the bar feel a little awkward If only you could program her to integrate better with the important people in your life – your friends MailChimp and HubSpot, among others.

5. Impatient: At the end of the date, just as you intend to exit the restaurant, she invites you to come with her to Hawaii. You are taken aback by her eagerness and run. At this stage, a movie invitation would have been a little more suitable. If only she had mapped out her level of engagement more effectively.

With just a few simple adjustments, Poppy could be polite, timely, and highly intelligent. With 40Nuggets, your pop-ups could be, too, increasing your conversion rates significantly. 40Nuggets is the best date your business will ever have. Come learn how to woo your website visitors.


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Chess player? You’re Probably Awesome at CRO.

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In 1996, IBM built a computer  called Deep Blue  that beat world chess master Garry Kasparov at hichesss own game. How? Simply put, the computer was programmed to think many more steps ahead than Kasparov could.

The lesson here is a pretty basic one: thinking ahead is the key to success. You need a CRO tool that allows you to decide in advance which call-to-action to display based on your visitors’ behavior,  so that you can engineer a strategy to engage leads with multiple touch points over time.

Build Campaigns to Automate Your Strategy

The 40Nuggets Campaign is your engagement road map. It’s a visual tool to help you plan your visitors’  journey from anonymous clicker to engaged lead and potential customer. Instead of scrambling to think of creative ways to engage your leads as they move through the funnel, you’ve got it all planned, timed, and set to go.

The basics of Campaign building are straightforward. Choose a visitor population to target, design a screen overlay (what we call a Nugget) to convert them, and decide when and where it’ll appear when an eligible visitor arrives at your site.

Now what? That visitor will either convert on the Nugget, or he won’t. This is the point at which you continue the conversation by choosing to show a second Nugget for either outcome. You can build a third tier to this decision tree if you want to extend your engagement even further – to infinity and beyond!

campaign map extendedPull a Deep Blue on Your Website

Your website is a fish pond, and you’re the fisherman. The thing is, the fish can swim in any of millions of pools out there. Today 100 fish might come to chill, but you might only catch 2 in your net. 70 will swim away and never return. That leaves 28 bubbly little potential leads who’ll definitely swim back your way soon, since you are totally rocking SEO and re-targeting. You don’t want to be frantically stringing nets and baiting hooks every time the fish swim in. Pull a Deep Blue – think a step ahead. Engineer a system of nets already set in place, so you can spend more time observing the fish and tweaking your system based on their behavior. Building multi-step Campaigns is guaranteed to net you more fish th

Prioritizing Your Campaigns

When you have multiple Campaigns running, you’ll have visitors who are eligible to see more than one when they enter your site. Prioritize your Campaigns to help 40Nuggets decide when to show each one.

So how do you decide which Campaign to show? For starters, determine which campaign is of the greatest value. This will help you decide whether you’re going for quality or quantity of conversions. Timing is also an important factor. You can also choose to let 40Nuggets prioritize for you based on a Campaign’s performance. The goal is to tailor your interactions with different leads, which will keep them focused on your product and moving down the funnel.

Are you an engagement strategy mastermind? Teach us your ways! Comment below or tweet at us @40Nuggets.

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New Off-The-Shelf Nuggets to Rock Conversions

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Remember those awesome new off-the-shelf Nuggets we promised you? Allow us to introduce you to the latest, sleekest, most high-converting Nugget templates, brought to you by our talented Design Team.

These Nuggets are designed especially for content or coupon offers; you’ll see them when you select the Newsletter or Coupon options when creating a new Nugget in your Dashboard.

Keep watching this space – we’ll be rolling out more templates soon!


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