Soft Paywall for Content

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Just finished up launching a nice customer use-case. A regional digital publication was interested in paywall technology to start monetizing their user base (not huge traffic, but very valuable). It was a project that was stuck, and in the meantime they were monetizing via newsletter offers and advertising.

When we met the client one of the major issues was time to launch, and flexibility to dial up and dial down the paywall based on customer reaction. We realized that 40N would be perfect for a bit of a strategy shift that would enable them to supercharge their existing newsletter monetization by rapidly growing their opt-in list. They created a nugget that asked for visitor email addresses after a certain period of time browsing on the site. The only way to exit this was paywall style – you had to provide your email. Using our targeting, they could exclude existing newsletter subscribers and all sorts of other categories that didn’t fit this model. Because the browsers were being cookied, we could make sure that people didn’t see the email request after filling it out (and yes – there’s all sorts of cross-device challenges here that we’re still trying to improve).

With this ready (took ~72 hrs), the client launched the soft “paywall.” List growth was tremendous – they captured a large part of their reader base in a few weeks. With this in hand, they can now dial down to other types of softer campaigns using 40N’s algorithmic targeting, and also improve on their newsletter engagement.

Nice way to speed up launch of projects like these.

Helping you help your customers

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One of the reasons 40Nuggets  is passionate about the Small and Medium Sized Business space, is because we can help real people help real customers. The links are pretty close and the relationships are very real. Our impact on a client’s business can be felt immediately and the interactions our client’s have with their own customers is enhanced in the best way.

Take Brian Greenberg, the owner of True Blue Life Insurance. Brian uses 40Nuggets to connect with potential customers who are looking for fast and accurate quotes. Learn more about how True Blue Life Insurance engages customers using 40Nuggets in the video below:

Integrations Galore

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Integrations, helping you stay sane

There’s a lot of software out there, but if your tools don’t work together and fit into your workflow, you’re not likely to use them the way they’re meant to be used.

40Nuggets gets this. That’s why we’re constantly adding new integrations so you can push along the important information we capture, and automate your workflow and follow up.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that we now offer integrations with MAILCHIMP, CONSTANT CONTACT, and SALESFORCE. Sending information straight into your Email programs and CRMs has never been easier or more fun. Yes, I said fun, because don’t you just love when things work easily and efficiently. 


Do you use a software that makes your life easier, something you couldn’t imagine working without? Shoot us an email and let us know which Saas rocks your world and we’ll see if an integration is possible!



Why your business needs CRO technology

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40Nuggets proudly serves the Small and Medium sized businesses that power our global economy. Whether you’re an ecommerce site selling custom made Jewelry, or a brick and mortar shop using your website to give out quotes on drills and equipment parts, 40Nuggets understands you need technology that is easy to use and helps you to meet your business goals.

Check out our latest testimonial from another happy 40Nuggets client, Rich Gaasenbeek from IXACT Contact.

Social Nuggets Have Arrived

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Getting your website visitors to engage with your company and brand is hard. Trying to grow your Facebook presence, get more Twitter followers, or increase awareness around your YouTube Channel is even harder. Moreover, you’re making good content for your social media channels – why not use it strategically on your website?! 40Nuggets understands your pain and offers a solution that will turn your frown upside down: Social Nuggets.

Social Nuggets are a new type of Nugget that brings your social capital right to your website so visitors can easily engage without leaving the page.

LIKE MY PAGE NUGGET: We use exit-intent technology to trigger a light box overlay that encourages your site visitors to ‘Like’ your page just before they leave your website. Learn more about the Like My Facebook Page Nugget.

TWITTER ON MY SITE: You can’t always bring your site visitors out to your twitter account, so this Nugget brings your twitter account to them by displaying your tweets as fade-in notifications right on your website.

The Nuggets are designed to adjust their frequency according to user-behavior, ensuring a quality visitor experience; never annoying, always engaging. From these slide-in notifications, the site visitor can reply, retweet, and favorite, all without closing or leaving your website. Learn more about the Twitter on My Site Nugget.


MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Did you know that 98% of your visitors leave your website without engaging your content or products? Instead of losing them, wow them with great YouTube video content! This Nugget presents a YouTube video from you YouTube Channel just before a visitor abandons your site. Learn more about the My YouTube Channel Nugget.

Got questions? Want to learn about social Nugget best practices? Reach out any time. Our Success team is happy to discuss how to best utilize these awesome new Nuggets to help engage users on your website. Shoot us an email at .

Engaging Visitors as They Leave Your Website – Exit Capture

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If you want to engage your website visitors and lift your conversion rate, you need to consider a tool called exit capture, or exit intent overlays, or exit popups. The fact that there are so many names for the same thing should tell you how prevalent and pervasive the tool has become. If done correctly, with end user experience in mind and a respectful attitude toward your audience, exit captures can increase your conversions and actually enhance user experience.

Here’s how to create a Nugget with exit intent timing using 40Nuggets.

To learn more, check us out at .

3 Tips to Optimize Your Real Estate Website

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Not Converting Enough Traffic? 5 Questions to Ask

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40Nuggets in the News – SMB Tools and Integrations

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We’ve had a nice weekend of exposure for 40Nuggets, beginning with great coverage in an artice about tools for SMBs mentioning 40Nuggets as cutting edge. Check out the article here. 40N Feature ArticleTo ice the cake, we got another big hit yesterday: Mailchimp, has placed 40Nuggets in the top slot of its featured integrations. You can see the page by clicking here.

This is great for us because Mailchimp is among the most popular players in email marketing for Small and Medium Businesses. That means their customers are a great fit for us so the featuring has immediate benefits. Moreover, there are about 700 integrations with their super in-demand service – it’s a testimony to 40N’s savvy combination of do-it-yourself & an algorithmic prediction engine that we were given this unique exposure.

40N MailChimp Feature Article

Intelligent Tips Have Been Expanded

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We’re delighted to announce that as of today you will be seeing more account-specific tips and recommendationsin your dashboard (and soon in a weekly report – but more on that later). Tips are aimed at helping you improve the performance of your 40Nuggets account and thereby optimize for conversions on your website.

You can find tips by simply logging into your 40Nuggets account. 40N is constantly scanning your account and looking for opportunities to improve. When it finds one, it will drop it in as a tip on the recommendation tab, as per below:

40Nuggets Tip


Tips are smart – meaning they’re reacting to your account, not to general settings. We hope this helps you improve your performance. As always please be in touch with any and all questions.

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