Exit Captures Work

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If you want to engage your website visitors and lift your conversion rate, you need to consider a tool called exit capture, or exit intent overlays, or exit popups. The fact that there are so many names for the same thing should tell you how prevalent and pervasive the tool has become. If done correctly, with end user experience in mind and a respectful attitude toward your audience, exit captures can increase your conversions and actually enhance user experience.

Here’s how to create a Nugget with exit intent timing using 40Nuggets.

To learn more, check us out at http://40nuggets.com/ .

3 Tips to Optimize Your Real Estate Website

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Not Converting Enough Traffic? 5 Questions to Ask

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40Nuggets in the News – SMB Tools and Integrations

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We’ve had a nice weekend of exposure for 40Nuggets, beginning with great coverage in an Inc.com artice about tools for SMBs mentioning 40Nuggets as cutting edge. Check out the article here.

Inc.com 40N Feature ArticleTo ice the cake, we got another big hit yesterday: Mailchimp, has placed 40Nuggets in the top slot of its featured integrations. You can see the page by clicking here.

This is great for us because Mailchimp is among the most popular players in email marketing for Small and Medium Businesses. That means their customers are a great fit for us so the featuring has immediate benefits. Moreover, there are about 700 integrations with their super in-demand service – it’s a testimony to 40N’s savvy combination of do-it-yourself & an algorithmic prediction engine that we were given this unique exposure.

40N MailChimp Feature Article

Intelligent Tips Have Been Expanded

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We’re delighted to announce that as of today you will be seeing more account-specific tips and recommendationsin your dashboard (and soon in a weekly report – but more on that later). Tips are aimed at helping you improve the performance of your 40Nuggets account and thereby optimize for conversions on your website.

You can find tips by simply logging into your 40Nuggets account. 40N is constantly scanning your account and looking for opportunities to improve. When it finds one, it will drop it in as a tip on the recommendation tab, as per below:

40Nuggets Tip


Tips are smart – meaning they’re reacting to your account, not to general settings. We hope this helps you improve your performance. As always please be in touch with any and all questions.

How Targeting Nuggets by Language Can Grow Conversion Rates by 37% or More

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This is another lesson in how to use modal windows to massively grow your traffic to lead conversion while still keeping visitors happy. In this tutorial, we show you how targeting by language can raise lead conversions by 37% or more.

There’s a logic to this: localizing for languages makes a visitor with that language feel more welcome, and that provides a nice lift in the conversion optimization of your site without having to go through the complexity of translating the whole site. Take a look at the lesson and if you like it, connect to our free-whitepaper below and we’ll send you a few more.

Connecting 40Nuggets and Mailchimp

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40Nuggets has done a massive update of its integration to Mailchimp, and we’re excited to announce it to the public.

The goal is to make it insanely easy to send your opt-ins to Mailchimp, and followup with Mailchimp’s marketing automation. This way you benefit from 40Nuggets’ unique intelligence for converting traffic to leads, and Mailchimp’s industry leading email platform.
Here’s a video to get you started:

We have some support for you as it comes to allowing importing and automation from an API as well as using defualt fields that 40Nuggets sends over in order to do list segmentation.

(We were assisted in this project by the Mailchimp integrations team, and we are deeply grateful to them for their incredible enthusiasm and support. Tip of the hat to Tom!).

Great New Templates and a Special One for the Holidays

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Have you seen our new templates? Here’s some great ones that will help you get optmize your website for more leads by using intelligent Nugget popups to convert more traffic. Here are a few featured ones below, and we have more that are eCommerce and B2B focused. Enjoy!


christmas2014_fullsize_thumb Nugget Screenshot Fall Nugget Screenshot Holiday Green Nugget Screenshot Holiday Nugget Screenshot Modern Blue Nugget Screenshot Urban

Seven Proven Strategies to Convert More Leads from Your Site Traffic

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We put together a lesson for you about using smart behavioral targeting to raise your conversion rates and optimize your funnel for different types of visitors. It’s part of a series that we’re doing looking at how sophisticated targeting can drive massive swings in conversion rate optimization.

For example, two sites might put up a opt-in box (what we call Nugget) for the holidays:


Nugget Screenshot Holiday Green

Based on their targeting settings, they could see a diferntial of more than 30-40%  in conversion rate. For example, timing – between exit, dynamic, or entrance – could drive a 15% swing in the conversion rate.

In this post and subsequent ones we show you how to use sophisticated targeting to get better conversion rates. The first video lesson is below:

(You can grab a free-trial of 40Nuggets here.)

What we’re doing in this lesson is looking at how you can get smart around targeting different types of visitors, new, loyal, returning, etc. Is part of a 7-step course that we’re offering.

You can get all seven emailed to you for free simply by getting our free lead acquisition report. Enjoy!

Interrupt, but with Respect

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40Nuggets Screenshot 3Popups, overlay windows, and other disruptive marketing tools are used because they work. In fact, they work well. Here’s an article about one small experiment that shows their impact, and our data clearly agrees.

As we also know, they’re also hated. Last summer I connected with @Jeffr0 from WP Tavern over in Cleveland, and he shared with me that when he first heard about 40N he was like, “Ah man, why are you ruining the internet?!!”

The conversation with Jeff sparked a good deal of thinking on our part. The fact is, we see ourselves as fellow travelers with every Small and Medium Business trying to make it online in the shadow of the world’s biggest companies. We want to provide tools that help them. We want those tools to return some of the human intuition of customer service to the digital. That was our goal, and in that sense we want to make sure that 40Nuggets doesn’t hurt the customer experience, but enhance it.

The talk with @Jeffr0 got our team talking about things we can do to encourage common norms of behavior within our clients. It’s obvious that just because a tool works doesn’t mean that we have carte blanche to use it without restraint. Striving to create a quality user experience is a common good. At the time, we therefore created strict defaults in our product that encourage our clients to follow best practices that enable them to achieve business goals while respecting users.

We thought we’d share some ideas that we included, and that can perhaps serve as standards for systems that interrupt, including popups, chat boxes, onsite bars, and more:

1. Do Not Bug: By default, interruptive marketing should be set not to target someone more than in a reasonable period of time for that business context. For example, it may be that in some businesses once a month or every few months, makes sense (stick news sites, for example), while in others, it could be more or less. We’re looking at our data and inteviewing clients and trying out different defaults. Never should the default be once a day, or once per session. While these may occasionally be justified (testing, for example, or urgent announcements), they shouldn’t be defaulted.

2. Personalizing by Behavior Rather Than Formula: This is a hard one, but we doubled on technology we built to use behavioral targeting rather than than exit-intent or timed popups. While we provide all the options mentioned, we encourage marketers to test out our targeting which assesses user behavior in realtime and tries to identify when they’re most ready to see a Nugget (what we call a popup or modal bar). This may included exit-intent, but it also may include other delay-formulas. We use lots of intelligence and testing to identify the best time for each person based on numerous factors. In this case you’re risking that some visitors may not see the popup at all – however you’re earning a better customer experience and, we believe, better overall results. From our experience conversion rates shoot way up.

Most simple popup and opt-in systems don’t have those granular targeting capabilities. We’d be happy to help with that if you want to get in touch with us.

3. Easy Out: Visitors should be able to close interruptions without having to “play the game.” This means that interruptions should by default have the standard convention for closing, an X in the upper right. I often experience popups that force you to press a button disagreeing with the offer (“No, I don’t want to be enormously successful”). That’s not fair. It should be incredibly easy to press the X and close the offer.

4. Don’t Double Target: Once someone fills out a form, that’s it – they shouldn’t see that form again. Period.

5. Allow for Segmentation: I often see onsite offers for things that are completely irrelevant for me. For example, I don’t live in the US, and therefore the free-shipping to US locations isn’t helpful. It’s pure interruption. Tools should give marketers ways to segment out traffic that doesn’t need to be interrupted, and thereby reduce the amount of interruptions. Marketers are usually happy to do this work if they have the tools because they’ll get better conversions.

These are some initial thoughts we had. We’d love your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts. We’d absolutely love to discuss this with you in the comments. If you want to check out 40Nuggets you can do it at 40Nuggets.com.

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